Accessibility at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal

The terrain leading up to the upper terrace is accessible to people with mobility problems. The monument itself, including the statue of the Kaiser, is only accessible by stairs.

An approximately 280 metre footpath leads from the bus stop and car park to the rotunda terrace containing the LWL Visitor Centre and restaurant.

The path leading up to the monument and LWL Visitor Centre, with an average gradient of around three percent, is fully accessible (also for wheelchair users). In addition, there are several accessible benches along the path for wheelchair users and people with mobility problems to rest.

The terrace directly below the monument is also accessible to those with mobility problems by means of a ramp. 


LWL-Visitor Centre

The building in the rotunda terrace has wheelchair accessible elevators. All media stations are accessible on one level and are fully accessible.

Languages: both the visitor centre’s analogue and digital information are all provided in German and English. The core content and texts are also provided in German sign language and as audio descriptions at the media stations. 


Toilet Facilities

Toilets accessible to wheelchairs and people with mobility problems are located adjacent to the monument’s car park and LWL Visitor Centre. 



Access to the “Wilhelm 1896” restaurant for those with mobility problems is provided by two wheelchair accessible elevators. The restaurant connects directly to the LWL Visitor Centre and both are on one level.

The “Willem, Snack & Go” pavilion is located adjacent to the car park below the monument and is all on one level. 

Further information is available by contacting the restaurant directly: +49571/77 987 884 or on the Internet at



The car park at the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument has two designated parking spaces for people with mobility problems. Visitors with handicaps have priority use of these spaces if mobility is impaired (e.g. the user is in possession of a category G, severe impairment ID card).

People who are severely disabled (category aG, significantly severe impairment ID card) are able, in exceptional cases, to use the car park at the rotunda terrace for the duration of their visit to the monument. If required, visitors should use the intercom on the driveway or in the snack and souvenir area of the pavilion in the monument car park to convey their intentions.

Upon presenting an appropriate ID card, an employee will then provide individual access to this significantly severe impaired group of people by removing a bollard.

For reasons of safety, those without an appropriate disability ID card have no authorization to proceed beyond the bollard and drive via the footpath to the rotunda terrace. Also transporting someone by vehicle to the terrace and then returning the vehicle to the car park below is unfortunately not possible for the reasons already mentioned. 

Further information about travel and additional parking spaces is available hier.