The “Prussia in Westphalia” Network

Follow in the Prussians’ footsteps through Westphalia!

The Kaiser Wilhelm Monument is part of the “Prussia in Westphalia” network that was initiated by Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL).

The network “Prussians in Westphalia” was founded on the initiative of the LWL in 2016 to accompany its takeover and realignment of the LWL-Preußenmuseum (LWL Prussia Museum in Minden). The network’s mission is to make the subject of Prussian power in the area of Westphalia and beyond more comprehensible and approachable, inviting a search beyond the usual clichés for unknown facts and relics.

The network links the subject of Prussia with museums, archives, the tourism industry, historical committees and associations as well as other monuments from all over Westphalia. As a Prussian province, Westphalia was always an integral part of the state as a whole. The supra-regional partners in the network therefore complete a range of perspectives on the phenomenon of Prussian power, and inject scholarly exchanges with a distinctive and individual impetus.

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