What is the price of admission

Admission to the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument and LWL Visitor Centre is free of charge.

What are the LWL Visitor Centre’s opening times?

The LWL Visitor Centre is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. Mondays closed.

When is the monument open?

The monument is accessible at all times.

Where are the toilets?

Accessible public toilets are located in the pavilion adjacent to the car park (kiosk's opening hours). Further toilets can be found in the visitor centre, and are available from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. 

How can I get there by public transport?

The shuttle bus 518 on the Kaiser Wilhelm line travels every 30 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from the car park at “Porta Bahnhof”, “Willem” and “Kaiserhof” to and from the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument.

Further information on the shuttle service: http://www.westliches-weserbergland.de/kaiser-wilhelm-denkmal


Are there places to park around the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument?

A car park is located below the monument, where a parking fee is applicable Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm, but is also accessible out of hours free of charge as there is no car park barrier.

There is also a parking guidance system comprising the “Kaiserhof” and “Unterm Willem” car parks in Porta Westfalica-Barkhausen, as well as “Bahnhof”. On weekends there are shuttle services from Porta Westfalica and Minden. Further information:

If I or my co-visitor(s) have mobility problems, am I able to drive up as far as the monument’s rotunda terrace?

The car park at the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument has two parking spaces for people with mobility problems. For people who are severely disabled (category aG, significantly severe impairment ID card), it is possible in exceptional cases to use the car park at the rotunda terrace. To do so, please contact the snack and souvenir section of the kiosk, where the appropriate ID card must be presented.

For reasons of safety, those without an appropriate disability ID card have no authorization to proceed beyond the bollard and drive via the footpath to the rotunda terrace. Also transport by a third-party vehicle, despite the subsequent proper parking in the monument car park, is unfortunately not possible for the reasons mentioned. 

Is the footpath from the car park to the monument and LWL Visitor Centre suitable for people with mobility problems?

The footpath from the bus stop and car park to the LWL Visitor Centre is approximately 300 metres long. The terrain leading up to the upper terrace is fully accessible to people with mobility problems. Access to the monument and LWL Visitor Centre has been constructed in compliance with disability organizations proposals regarding steepness, and with an average gradient of about three percent is completely accessible (also for wheelchair users). Three benches are located along the footpath to the monument.

Are the monument and LWL Visitor Centre also accessible for people with mobility problems?

The visitor centre has a wheelchair-accessible elevator. There are several parking spaces for people with mobility problems. The terrain is fully accessible to the upper terrace. The monument, including the statue of the Kaiser, is only accessible by stairs.


Are there guided tours of the monument?

For guided tours around the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument, please contact the Touristikzentrum Westliches Weserbergland: www.westliches-weserbergland.de or Minden Marketing GmbH: www.minden-erleben.de.

Is there anywhere that I can leave my valuables?

Lockers are located in the LWL Visitor Centre, for which you will require a €1 or €2 coin that is returnable.

What languages is the information in the LWL Visitor Centre in?

Both the analogue and digital information in the visitor centre is in German and English. The core content and texts are also provided in German sign language, and as audio descriptions at the media stations. 

Where can bicycles be parked?

Bicycles can be parked behind the pavilion in the car park.


Is there a place to recharge e-bikes?

Yes, stations for recharging e-bikes as well as electric cars are located in the car park.

Can I take my dog into the LWL Visitor Centre?

Yes, dogs on a lead are permitted into the LWL Visitor Centre.

What catering facilities are available at the monument? When are they open?

The “Wilhelm 1896” restaurant directly adjoins the LWL Visitor Centre. Enquiries concerning the menu, reservations and related questions should be directed to the restaurant:

Opening Times:

Mondays: closed
Tuesday to Friday: 11.30 am – 10 pm
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 9 am – 10 pm

For information concerning changes at short notice please check the restaurant’s website.
In addition there is also a kiosk in the pavilion adjacent to the car parking.



What’s on offer for children around the monument?

An outside play area is being planned.


Are there places to rest?

In addition to what is on offer in the pavilion and restaurant there are freely available tables and seating opposite the pavilion adjacent to the car park.